2018 : We are looking to raise $30,000 for the orphanage adopted in India. Money will be used to build another floor in the orphanage which can accommodate 50 more children.

We continue to raise funds for Connecticut Children Medical center, Hole in the Wall gang camp and Food share.

Raised  $130,000 and counting....

Kindly donate and support our cause....


We are a small group of children with big dreams in eyes to change the world for better. Since 2013, Power of Peace (POP Group) has been serving the under privileged children of our global family with a "For the Kids, By the Kids" motto. 

In 2013, 5 young children (10-13 year old) came together to start a platform which will not only serve the community but will also inspire young children around the world to be involved in community service from young age. Primary focus of this platform is to serve medically and socially underprivileged children here in USA and India. Today we are 30 member strong team and have inspired a sister organization in NJ. 

Promote Peace

1. By eradicating hunger among children

2. By providing better living conditions to children

3. By enabling socially and medically underprivileged kids to succeed in future

Please join our young hands in serving our community and make a difference.

A strong and responsible community is key to a peaceful world.


For Peace

Urgent Projects

pop in Action - 2014 annual fundraising talent show

Giving back to community is a way of life and not a one time thing. Devote an afternoon to your cause and experience the joy. Locally and internationally, Power of Peace is trying to support and strengthen the community in need. We support an orphanage home for children in India, local medical research center, food share and a camp for severely ill children. . 


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