Kumar Darsh - Founder Member & Group Leader

I am a senior attending Farmington High School and am 17 years old. As of now, I have two major goals in my life. The first is to  create a positive impact on society through humanitarian efforts and second is to choose a profession which directly impacts the wellbeing of humanity,  We are all shaped by our life experiences, and my life is nothing but a miracle produced by medical researchers, engineers and doctors. Born with acute Factor XIII deficiency, suffering multiple intracranial bleeding at the age of eight months, given half an hour to live, surviving multiple surgeries, and living on prophylaxis since then, the past 16 wonderful years of my life are a testament to the medical engineering innovation and indomitable spirit of humanity to never give up.  

This, in turn, has created a compelling desire in me to create a similar impact on humanity.   
POP is a passion of mine is to create a positive impact on our society through humanitarian efforts. POP supports Connecticut Children's Medical Center, a local hospital which was responsible for saving my life,  POP also supports  Hole in the Wall Gang Camp, which hosts  summer camps  for children who have survived and lived with severe medical conditions.  I attended this camp in 2008 and 2009.

 In my future, I aspire to enter the field of science, such as astrophysics or being a neurosurgeon. POP Group has helped me become the best person I could possibly be by teaching me real world skills such as leadership and collaboration. POP Group has also increased my social responsibility to help the underprivileged in our local community and in India as well. In conclusion, my goals as a person include inspiring the youth of the community to believe that they CAN make a difference in the world.

Abhiram Bhamidiapti - Founder Member & Group Leader

I am currently a senior r attending Southington High School. My hobbies include participating in sports(athletic activities), listening to music, as well as, of course, playing video games. As a member of the POP Group, I feel a sense of responsibility in aiding the orphaned community. The endeavors of hosting our events have shaped me into a more compassionate and sociable person. I really enjoy working with my group members to execute these projects, because the effort involved equates to feeling satisfied, and I want to keep satisfying, not only my own personal needs, but the needs of the orphaned as well.

Neha Jonnakota - Founder Member & Group Leader

I am Neha Jonnakota, and I am a senior at Glastonbury High School. I spend my time outside of classes as a member of my school’s Varsity Debate and Model UN teams, for which I was the Vice-President of the state conference. I plan on going into the STEM and Business fields during my time in college, and I aspire to work for the government. My dream occupation is to be a diplomat and Power of Peace has been able to give me those skills I would need to be able to negotiate with people of all ages and backgrounds. My main mission in life is to help others learn more about the problems that are in their world today.

Meghna Kandarpa - Founder Member & Group Leader

I am  in the 12Th grade, and a student of the Academy of Aerospace and Engineering, a magnet school in Bloomfield. I have always loved to read, play sports, and do anything related to music, whether it be singing, playing the flute, or making my own music. I have always put my friends and family over almost everything, and the people in this group have helped me a lot and in my perspective they are truly  my friends. When I grow up, I would like to  work in the civilian unit for 1st world and 3rd world countries in biomedical engineering. I love to help people in every way I can, because it just doesn't help them, it also helps me to become a better person. I would really want the Power Of Peace organization to inspire others and prove that, you can make your voice heard, no matter what grade you are in, or how old you are. Sometime you need to realise that the only mistake you can make in life, is never trying.


Sreenidhi Nair - Founder Member

I am currently a freshman at UCONN , CT. My favorite hobbies are cooking, painting, listening music, playing the violin, field hockey, soccer and community service.  Above all I love to spend time with my family and friends as well as help people in need.  I am very fond of food and love to try all the dishes as well as like to learn to cook.  In the future, I would like to become a neurologist.  Personality wise, I enjoy working with children and am open to ideas that can help strengthen our society. My wish is that ten years from now, my group and I can look back and see the print we made in the world. Thank you for your support!